JiveSwing Class Levels

Which course or class level to book:

We’ve provided a simple glossary below, to assist you when choosing which course/class/workshop level to book. If you’re still unsure, please email us or ask your teacher who would be more than happy to assist you.

L1 – Absolute Beginners – Beginners:
These are aimed at a beginners level suitable for anyone who has never danced before or experienced dancers who want a refresher after a long break or those looking to brush up on a new role they have not danced in before. The class will go from absolute scratch building up to accommodate everyone in the class. There may be options for improvers in this class too.

L2 – Improvers:
This level will be suitable for those who have already taken a few beginner courses and wish to progress to the next level, increasing technique and repertoire or experienced dancers who want a refresher after a long break.

L3 – Intermediate:
At this level you already know key basic 8 Count, 6 Count and Lindy Charleston series of moves to dance a whole song. You can do the JiveSwing Stroll and have ideally attended a social dance night.

L4 – Intermediate Plus (Intermediate – Int/Advanced):
You social dance at Harlem nights and other socials regularly. You dance the Shim Sham, JiveSwing Stroll etc and can swing out to any song and add a bit of jazz to your repertoire.

L5 – Intermediate Advanced:
You social dance on a regular basis and take workshops to improve your skill set, having a good swing dance move repertoire. Your Jazz repertoire may include Trickeration, Tranky Doo, Big Apple, JiveSwing Stroll, Stew etc. You can comfortably add Jazz and musicality to your social dancing.

L6 – Intermediate Advanced – Advanced:
You can social dance with musicality, a good connection at slow to medium/fast tempos and improvise with jazz confidently, surpassing all the requirements above. You’re likely to know many of the key jazz routines/line dances.

L7 – Advanced:
At this level everyone in the class knows who you are. You probably travel to dance events around the world, surpassing all the requirements above and comfortable taking a class working on only one move or concept.

NB: All classes are aimed at having a great fun time.

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