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What you’ll get: 

– Access to hundreds of classes in Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz & more.

– A full step by step breakdown of all moves, making it easier to follow.

– Live classes from time to time

– Opportunity to ask related questions online.

– A selection of brand NEW moves, not seen anywhere else ever!

– Moves that Joseph & Charlotte had planned to teach on their International Tour

– Solo Drills & ideas on how to practise steps and techniques as a solo dancer.

How it works:

During the booking process you will have the option to set up a username and password to allow you to login to the online portal once your purchase is complete – make sure to save these details!

We have set Absolute Beginner courses in Lindy Hop 8 Count, Lindy Charleston and Lindy Hop 6 Count. Plus we have Lindy Hop, Lindy Charleston, Solo Jazz classes and more from Intermediate- Advanced level. There are also themed classes such as follower variations etc. so you can work with a partner or alone and still benefit 😊

To maintain the social element of Swing Dancing we have also formed a private Facebook group. Once you’ve paid for your Jiveswing online class membership you’ll receive access to both the website and Facebook. 

NB: Whenever you join, you’ll get access to ALL the material and classes from previous courses plus material from the new course too.  (Beginner-Advanced Level) The membership works like a Netflix subscription so when your membership is active you have access to all material. 

Additional information

Course Type

4 Week Course, 8 Week Course, Loyalty

Usual Role

Leader, Follower, Switch

Usual Level

Beginner, Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced, Advanced