Lisa Beckwith


Lisa started dancing at the age of 8 training in ballet, tap and jazz. She then continued her love of dance and trained professionally in all styles of dance and musical theatre, working alongside many industry professionals. After graduating from college Lisa went straight into teaching and has for many years shared her passion for dance with her students. Lisa was introduced to Lindy hop through a friend in September 2016 and after attending classes for a while she was hooked. She now spends most of her free time dancing and is continually travelling and learning from teachers around the world. Lisa joined the Jiveswing teaching team in 2018 and loves sharing the joy of Swing dance, inspiring people to take their first steps, and sharing the history of this iconic dance. Lisa has taught at a number of large events including MOVE IT – The World’s largest dance event, London, Retro Festival, Newbury and large corporate events.

Lisa is also a member of the Jiveswing Hoppers, one of Jiveswing’s performance teams. Performances include the Jive Aces Jump Jive and Wail UK Theatre Tour, Filming for ITV and large corporate events.

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