Tom Lee


Tom started swing dancing and fell in love with the classic swing routines, leaping into them at every opportunity. He believes that swing dance exists to make people smile, and shapes that into every dance. You can find him on the dance floor trying to make his dance partners smile, all the way to the end of the night.

While Tom’s first taste of swing dancing was with Jiveswing he’s always on the lookout for elements to add to the dance, travelling across Europe to learn new things from as many teachers as possible. He joined the Jiveswing teaching team in 2019 to share the joy he’s found in dancing.

Tom also showcases the dance he loves; he’s a member of the Jiveswing Hoppers performance group, performing at numerous events including the Jive Ace’s Jump, Jive and Wail Tour (2018) and has performed several independent routines choreographed by Chester Whitmore

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