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What you’ll get: 

– Access to hundreds of classes in Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz & more.

– A full step by step breakdown of all moves, making it easier to follow.

– Live classes from time to time

– Opportunity to ask related questions online.

– A selection of brand NEW moves, not seen anywhere else ever!

– Moves that Joseph & Charlotte had planned to teach on their International Tour

– Solo Drills & ideas on how to practise steps and techniques as a solo dancer.

How it works:

During the booking process you will have the option to set up a username and password to allow you to login to the online portal once your purchase is complete – make sure to save these details!

We have set Absolute Beginner classes in Lindy Hop 8 Count, Lindy Charleston and Lindy Hop 6 Count. Plus we have Lindy Hop, Lindy Charleston, Solo Jazz classes and more from Intermediate- Advanced level. There are also themed classes such as follower variations etc. so you can work with a partner or alone and still benefit 😊

To maintain the social element of Swing Dancing we have also formed a private Facebook group. Once you’ve paid for your Jiveswing online class membership you’ll receive access to both the website and Facebook. 

NB: Whenever you join, you’ll get access to ALL the material on the online portal (Beginner-Advanced Level) The subscription works like a Netflix or Patreon subscription, so when your subscription is active you have access to all material. You will not be able to access the material if your subscription is not active. 

You will not get through all the material on the portal, there are hundreds of videos so it is for you to choose what you wish to focus on whilst your subscription is live 🙂

Additional information

Membership Type

4 Week Subscription, 8 Week Subscription

Usual Role

Leader, Follower, Switch

Usual Level

Beginner, Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced, Advanced