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The JiveSwing team are happy people who like you to be happy too and we hope the need to refer to this small print will not arise!


Please see our Safe Spaces Policy Here


Privacy– The information you provide in the booking form will be used solely for the purpose of your booking and not shared with anyone outside of JiveSwing.com. All payments are taken securely via PayPal, and your debit/credit card details are not given to JiveSwing.com.

Cancellation Policy– If a course, workshop or event that you have booked is cancelled, rescheduled to another date or has changed location after you have booked, you are entitled to a refund if you cannot attend. You will not be entitled to a refund if you can no longer attend an event for any other reason. Tickets are not transferable, unless with the express written permission from JiveSwing.Com HQ.

Please note that PayPal no longer refund their fees, so any refund from Jiveswing will now be minus PayPal fees. You can contact PayPal directly to look to claim your fees.


You must opt in to receive emails with up to date news on Jiveswing events, workshops, class changes and any bookings you may have. You can register your details in class or online and can unsubscribe at any time. Your data is not shared with any third party and is used solely for keeping you updated on Jiveswing news via email. You can read our Privacy Policy here.


Where JiveSwing offers a ‘bring a new person’ to get in FREE promotion, unless otherwise stated in writing by the proprietors of JiveSwing.Com, the free entry to the class shall be given and taken on the same day and class, that the new person has joined. To avoid any doubt, a new person, is considered as someone, who has never been to a JiveSwing class or any previous JiveSwing event. Unless agreed in advance and in writing from the proprietors of JiveSwing.Com, the free classes cannot be taken at any other time or transferred to another person.

From time to time, JiveSwing will offer the opportunity to win a Class Pass, containing up to 10 classes or course. In such cases, the criteria will usually be to invite a minimum number of new people, normally 8 people, accumulated over the period of the month, the promotion is running.


A JiveSwing Class Pass may be purchased, from time to time, where you will receive up to 10 classes, to be used within a 12-week period, from the date of purchase. The class pass may be used at JiveSwing classes (Hitchin, St Albans, Watford & Welwyn) and is not attached to any one class. It may also be accepted at some JiveSwing social dances, but not when there is a special event, food, guest teacher or other expense. It may not be used for workshops or events. Each Class Pass is to be used solely, for the person named on the Class Pass and is not transferable. The Class Pass shall remain the property of JiveSwing and is to be returned upon demand. If lost, we will not replace it and you are responsible for purchasing another, at your own expense. Class passes cannot be refunded if you choose to no longer attend classes/events/online classes/workshops etc.


The student rate for any Jiveswing class only applies to full time students and proof of this must be shown to the Venue Manager on the night. The Venue Manager has authority to judge if proof of full time education is sufficient and charge the full class rate if it is deemed not.


The online classes run in membership blocks of 4 weeks or 8 weeks with some promotions offering extended periods. The material is available only whilst your membership is active and videos cannot be downloaded. Due to the volume of material available, we do not expect members to be able to study everything on the site and it is for members to decide how much or little of the material they wish to study during the time their membership is active. Jiveswing cannot be held responsible for the amount of time you spend studying on the online portal.


JiveSwing.com gratefully acknowledge the assistance of numerous photographers who have allowed us to use their photos/videos on this website. We have made every effort to credit all instances of borrowed images/videos and the copyright is retained by the authors. In the event that we have used an image/video in error, please let us know.

From time to time, during or towards the end of a JiveSwing class or course the instructor may video the class for feedback, marketing or for the members of the class to review. Please let the instructor know at the start of the class, if you’d prefer not to be included in any images, allowing you to step out of the shots.


Every effort has been made by JiveSwing.com to provide accurate information and up to date timings, pricing etc. JiveSwing.com does not guarantee that the information on this website will always be accurate, complete or current and does not accept liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage occasioned from the use or inability to use this website.


JiveSwing can be contacted via admin@jiveswing.com or 07946 396 777

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